Aussies to stay

Just said goodbye to our friends from the UK and Australia after them staying with us for a long weekend. We had such a good time, laughed too much, drank too much and ate too much so it went pretty well. The only difficult part was that one of the party was allergic to cats, and we have 2 who flaunt themsleves outrageously in front of anyone in the hope they may get some fuss. They seem to know when they shouldn’t be there and purposefully go into bedrooms and on chairs that normally they wouldn’t even look at!

At least it was sunny for a few days so the aussies didn’t think France too depressing, they love the markets and the countryside, it’s much greener here than in Western australia where they come from. They really are fantastic people, muck in with anything, take the dogs for walks, try to speak french to neighbours and generally chill. It would be great to visit them one day.

book club

Today is our book club meeting, Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson. I really enjoyed this book with its late turn into a being a thriller, but it will be interesting to see what everyone else thinks. Currently our membership is 9 english women we meet at each others houses once a month and all take a turn at choosing a book. There have been some very different choices, and so far no book is  loved by everyone!

For us in France getting books is fairly easy, there is a lady who  sells used paperbacks in local venues, some bookshops have a small english language section, amazon UK or Fr, and downloading from Kindle. At least we get the classics for free!