Rainy days

Well when the weather finally breaks and rains, it certainly shows. We have had high winds and full blast showers for a week now, so I have been doing less riding (typical fair weather rider). The river has filled up somewhat but so far no flooding, and the fields are looking greener by the day.

Lots of cowslips, pulmonaria and bluebells are out so the colours are fantastic. The cuckoo and the hoopoe are out and about and looking for mates, and the bantams are laying more eggs than ever with the cockerels shouting out their challenge every morning. Not a bad life!

Equine Touch

Just started stage 2 of the equine touch course today in my local area of France. I really only aim to use it to treat my own horses with a “non invasive bodywork”, it is a great way to relax them and deal with minor problem areas. It helps me to develop a “feel” for hotspot areas if any and to relieve some of the tense muscles under the saddle area. It is also a great way of spending time improving our relationship and bonding and makes a change from the usual grooming ritual.

Sadly the founder of this form of therapy Jock Ruddock died recently of cancer, but his widow, a qualified vet and her dedicated team is continuing his work. I would recommend any horse owners to look at the website and consider this training for themselves.

French weddings

We are going to a wedding in September, a lovely English girl and her handsome french guy.

It’s a long and complex procedure here and goes something like this. First a civil ceremony at the local village Mairie, then sometimes but not a requirement, a church wedding. Following this, a vin d’honneur (drinks and savoury bites) for the larger number of people usually lasting a couple of hours, then the full reception for family and friends, dinner, chat and often dancing, which is expected to last well into the small hours. The following day for those who have survived – the French always do, there is a lunchtime reception with more drinks and food.

I just know this will be a lot of fun, but we may have to go into training to prepare our stamina levels for this marathon – and we are just guests.

Loving France.