UK trip

I have just returned from a week in the UK. It probably wasn’t the best week to choose as we have had a flurry of snow in both England and France, despite this the main roads were all clear both sides of the channel.

My trip is always a mad dash between family, friends, and shopping for animal necessities such as hoof supplement for the horses and vermex for the poultry. There are stil a few things worth buying in the UK because of the quality or range or even the price, that don’t compare in France. This time I told everyone I would limit my travelling but the weather did that for me anyway. I stayed with parents for most of the time making sure that all is going well.

This trip I did however see a couple of old friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. It is remarkable how friends always look the same, I think our eyes show us what we want to see, which is fine with me. I do love to catch up on people from the past especially when so much changes. Now we are in a complicated time of children and their latest dramas, grandchildren, more divorces, changes of life and countries, and sadly illness and deaths, very little seems to stand still.

I love coming back to France, less traffic, warmer weather, friends getting in touch and the always pleased to see me animals, home again.

A quiet life

It has been rather a dull couple of weeks here, the weather has been cloudy but dry with an occasional glimpse at sunshine. Not quite enough to give us the post holiday get up and go that we need. In that bit of sunshine I can see cobwebs and dust that need tackling in the house but as soon as the sun goes in I lose interest.

In France this is a time of hibernation, the only day you see people in town is market day, then you wonder where they have all appeared from. The houses are shuttered up most of the time to keep the warmth in, but it makes it look deserted and a bit bleak.
The potagers are standing idle waiting for the keen vegetable gardeners to start the new cycle with rotovating and fertilising, but the ground is still too wet. At least the days are slowly gaining a few extra minutes of light. This of course is January.