A Tavel bug

Well I must admit that I used to think that a travel bug was an infectious enthusiasm for travelling, now I know better. It is an infectious bug picked up whilst travelling and designed to sap your energy, attack your immune system, fill your body with unpleasant symptoms and generally dissipate any feel good factor that you had gained on your trip.

One week in the UK seems to have given me a virus that sent me to bed for a few days and made the local oxygen feel polluted as I cough or doze the day away. Added to this it has rained and rained and the river burst its banks causing yet more damage at a time when we couldn’t cope. At least it hasn’t breached the house so I suppose there are some small mercies.

February is always the most depressing month here, everything is damp and muddy, the most cheerful inhabitants of the garden are the birds – thrilled with the nuts I brought back from my trip. We are getting more variety slowly from the ever present tits, more finches and even a brambling are checking out what’s on the bird table. Yesterday though a hawk came right up to the house and sat on the pergola ready to capture anything that came near, we let the cats out, that scared him off!