The first of my staples (aggraves) came out today. According to the district nurse my wound is looking good, clean and healing very well. It is of course after 2 weeks, itching like mad especially at night.

My brief stay of 4 days in hospital gave me another immersion course in French. The staff were great, we managed with a mix of French and English and a lot of humour. Orthopaedic wards are by their very nature heavy work, elderly ladies with fractured hips and a touch of dementia are not easy to manage to say nothing of foreign patients like me who won’t do as they are told. Still those who know me, know that I am reasonably at home in hospital, I spend half my time listening or watching what is going on and checking out ward routines.

It’s great to be home but I struggle with my limitations, I always expect to be back to normal immediately so having my back muscles cut through yet again has been quite literally, a pain.

Roll on the spring.