Christmas at Gachet

Dramas always seem to happen near Christmas here, this year we had to repair fencing in the pouring rain. When I went on the daily check of our fields there were obvious signs that cattle had been in our field from next door.
As soon as I saw the cattle my heart sank, they were the half wild, scruffy, ever hungry, fence breaking herd belonging to a local small holder who rents fields all around the area and never remembers to check on them. They had broken the electric fencing in the next door field and barged through our admittedly collapsing barbed wire fence, eaten off the grass and broken the fence separating Sammy from the acorns. I quickly joined our electric fencing to the mains in order to keep them away from Sammy who is now in a nearer paddock.
Tant pis as they say here!

So today we set off with wire cutters, a reel of barbed wire and a load of staples. The cattle looked very interested but I’m glad to say the bull decided we were on to their escapades and headed off out of the adjoining field with his wives and off up a track towards pastures new.

At least it made us repair the fences!

And this evening, cosy by the fire. I love France.