Floods in France

Well the river finally came over its banks yesterday after a big storm with thunder and lightening in the early hours.

We could see the river rising as it was getting light so contacted friends and moved the horses out from the property before their stables were full of water. As it got light we walked the horses through the garden which was rapidly becoming part of the river, with a swirling current, and up hill to the safety of our neighbours field. Scary for both horses and us but at least they are safe.

Our dogs and cats all stayed upstairs in our bedroom as the water came into the house, fortunately it was only about 2 inches deep across the whole of the ground floor, coming in through the walls rather than the doors.
As the river went back down, the water went down in the house and with the help of George the Aqua Hoover we got rid of most of the water and mopped up the silt. The whole flooding episode lasted about 4 hours at the maximum depth, our river is just like a big drain, it quickly fills up and just as quickly goes back down, thank goodness.

Now for the big clean up outside!