A day at Saumur

Sunshine and showers didn’t mar the very enjoyable day out at the concours complet CCI 3* event yesterday. I love watching the cross country phase of this event. There is a big difference between venues in France and the UK, not least the lack of spectators which makes walking the course a delight here. Fast food is different too, either filled savoury crêpes or filled baguettes which are still called sandwiches, the alternative is a restaurant with large round tables so that you can eat, and meet and talk to friends old and new whilst looking out over the main arena.
There was a great international turnout of riders many of whom are trying to secure their selection for the World Equestrian Games to be held in Normandy in August. The course was tough and saw several mishaps, faults, falls, and time penalties and sadly a fatal heart attack of Rodney Powell’s horse between fences.
We had a great day, catching up with people, walking the course and taking a few photos at interesting fences. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys sport and horses.


Springtime with summer promise

I absolutely love this time of year, though as I write today in glorious warm sunshine we are expecting thunderstorms tonight and lots of rain. Well actually we probably need the rain so no I’m not complaining.

The roses around the pool area are about to burst into bloom and all around the garden are irises of various colours, roses, peonies and lots of other flowers that John has worked hard to grow. The vegetable garden is providing mountains of asparagus and there are near rows of lettuce in red and green, strawberries that are ripe and luscious and beans that are learning to curl their way round sticks shaped in the form of a teepee.

We have managed well with Sunshine the horse, he wears his grazing mask in the day and has lost some weight and we have kept the hoof problems at bay so far. Sammy on the other hand is plagued by flies on the hottest days and wears his fly hat and fly rug, looking rather like a horse who is about to be used for jousting rather than wandering around his field.

We are ready for the summer and for family and friends who are coming to stay, pool clean and heater on, bedrooms spring cleaned and ready for use, barbecue set up outside and all outside garden furniture freshened up for the season, gazebo in place.