Autumn is here

With the start of October I always feel the presence of autumn, the days are drawing in, leaves falling, though most of that is due to the very dry September. The temperature lowers and the rains have started but it’s certainly not cold.

This year I am sending the horses to livery nearby and in fact they have now been there for a week. There was the usual drama of trailer loading, Sunni was good as gold but we had to come back for Sammy as he hates it now. I packed their suitcases like children going off to boarding school, with saddles and bridles, bandages and first aid supplies and rugs to keep them warm and dry. I am already riding out on Sammy, there are lots of new hacks in the area so we are starting to explore.

I have cleaned out the stables, sorted some of the equipment and now have a bag of stuff to go for horse charities. It looks a bit bare but I’m sure we will fill them soon enough with something.

Life in France is amazingly busy, horses to ride, poultry to organise, dogs to walk, art group and painting to do, line dancing, yoga, going to La Rochelle to take the boat out and book club, whoever thought there would be so much to do.