A heatwave, (canicule)

We are enjoying wonderful sunny weather, predicted to last at least 2 weeks. Time for other measures, heading to the coast for sailing in cooler breezes, swimming, shopping in air conditioned malls and even staying indoors at home in the cool rooms of ancient stone buildings. I’m still attending yoga sessions but we are doing “light” yoga.

The horses seem fine taking to shelter when things get too hot and wearing fly protection such as fly masks as the flys and other biting insects are far more annoying than just heat. We keep the dogs indoors as much as possible with a swim in the river as part of a walk, it helps to be cool when we start off. The cats come and go less but the killing continues with a rampage to a number of young rats and the occasional snake appearing on the driveway.

The garden suffers the most with our well drained soil, so we water the vegetables to ensure we get a crop.

All else seems fine, the wild birds are still singing their hearts out.