Oh dear, I have just realised that I haven’t added to this blog since last August. So much has happened in that time, holidays in southern Spain near Cadiz and Carcassonne in France last September, visits to the UK, improvement in my painting skills, riding the horses, managing a bit of sailing, ┬áChristmas and more. I have been so busy I forgot to keep things up to date.

Life races along but we always have time to observe what is around us. In the autumn I was amazed to see a terrapin, about the size of a domestic tortoise in our river. I thought I was hallucinating initially but after racing back to the house and checking out the local wildlife books, it seems that Terrapins are fairly common in small rivers and ponds here in France. How fantastic to see one after all this time. I have seen him a couple of times since in a deep corner of the river where the dogs like to swim so now I look out for him.

Today was the first day of the fishing season and as usual we have fishermen wandering along the fields and garden closely by the river, stopping for a while to cast their hooks in the hope that there will be a fish just waiting below the surface to grab it. It is always a flurry of activity for the first few weekends, then all goes quiet and the fish get to relax for another year.