Croatia holidays

imageAt the end of May I went to Croatia with a friend. It was my first trip to the country and one of several firsts I experienced over the week. We flew from Nantes with Volotea air which is a Spanish budget airline and was also I must say, an excellent experience. Pleasant and helpful crew who spoke 3 languages, a clean and spacious plane, a tasty sandwich and a smooth ride.

Dubrovnik is a stunning walled city and the surrounding area hilly to mountainous with a glorious coastline winding it way round. We stayed about 3k from the main city at the top of a hill, carrying our bags up this steep and pothole riddled drive made it feel like mountaineering. After 3 days of doing this regularly we, being middle aged ladies, began to get fitter and the climb seemed easier.

We walked everywhere, beach, supermarket, restaurants, the 2k of the city walls, took a coach trip to Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina, and a boat trip to visit some of the Elaphite islands. It wasn’t all health kick however, the local red wine was great, a local chocolate cake amazing, and we soon leaned the word pivo for beer.

A great holiday, Croatia is well worth a visit.


Merry times ahead

Merry our new Jack Russell puppy has arrived, none of our other animals are speaking to her as yet but I’m sure they will get over the shock of another member of the family! She is full of bounce and fun and an affectionate little person.