Finally … Here comes summer

p1000852After dreary weeks of intemperate weather, the sun finally came out and the blue skies reminded us of the long warm days we came to expect of the French summers.

Two daughters, their husbands and two grandsons arrived for a week of holidays. It has been truly amazing to see the difference to the peace of Gachet with the real explosion of noise and activity that small children bring. The amount of special equipment was staggering, with a gazebo, high chairs, toys of all sizes, cots we needed a degree to assemble, how complex does it have to be, changing mats and so on. Thank goodness for the space we have so they can stretch their little legs and us ours. The air has been full of happy voices, laughter, squeals and occasional cries of tiredness but even the noise of the birds has been drowned out temporarily. We’ve been on outings to La Rochelle and its aquarium, the local market in all its larger holiday splendour, Niort for a bit of sales shopping, a walk to the local fishing lake rustic play area but spent most of our time in and around the pool, heated to a wonderful 30 degrees. The sun has shone.

The animals have coped well, with Merry pinching any small toys she could grab and the boys happily pinching hers but she had the advantage of being able to run rings round them. Echo wandered happily around them and unsurprisingly for a lab was always present at meal times ready to persuade then that she needed food far more than the boys did. As to the cats well they made themselves scarce just appearing for their food or a bit of affection when the boys were in bed. The time has flown past.

How quiet it all is now they’ve gone.