Puppy love

Merry is settling in well with the rest of the menagerie, she is more likely to be chased by the cockerels than chase them…….a good thing! She bullies dear Echo unmercifully because Echo is far too kind to her and Molly the cat also lets her get away with a lot of naughtiness! I recently bought a water pistol, following a friends advice and it is great deterrent when she is attempting to hang off Echo’s ear. Today was also a milestone as Merry managed to swim out of her depth in the river, reach the far bank and with her head held very high, swim back, what a clever girl!image

We have now had several weeks of high temperatures, the river is running very low, the lawn is now brown and we are watering the veg to keep them going, no sign of rain on the forecast in the next week!! It’s very tough watching plants die but you can only keep a certain amount going, the woods around us are parched and it looks very autumnal. A hen died yesterday for no obvious reason, I think it must have been the heat as she was healthy, wormed, without parasites and a good weight, I make sure they have plenty of water and shade but sometimes nature just has its own way.