2019 a New Year

It’s January and this year I welcomed in the new year with great friends at my house, everyone brought a dish and we had a huge buffet and plenty to drink. We played a game, each player shares 3 resolutions, one being a lie and everyone had to guess which was the lie, the one with the most correct guesses had a prize. We had a lot of laughs and discovered the best performers amongst ourselves. I count myself as very fortunate in having such good friends around me when family are further away.

I also had a birthday before Christmas and shared the party evening with a girlfriend who also had a birthday and who made an amazing cake for both of us…… good enough to eat, which we did.

There has been lots of work in the garden in the last few weeks, mainly cutting down the huge laurels which absorbed all the light, a fir tree has been trimmed and light now floods the garden so that grass can grow and some new planting can be done in the spring

The champagne birthday cake