Marching on

In like a lion, or at least like a very cross cat, March is high winds and thumping great showers, though at least it’s mild for the moment.

I’ve started work in the greenhouse, the bubble back plastic insulation has done its job and all the tender plants have survived so far. Though I did the foolish thing of putting my lemon tree outside so that’s coming back in before there are any random frosts. I’m planting in the greenhouse the first seeds for parsley, sweet peppers, chilli, aubergines, and the potatoes are chitting, on these wet days, it’s great doing something positive. As soon as the soil dries out a bit the red onions and celeriac will be planted out of doors.

The daffodils are coming through so for me spring is on it’s way.

Its a busy time here in rural France, socially there’s the monthly book club, supper club, dancing on Fridays followed by supper and often a band playing, meet ups with various friends, yoga and riding, so fitting in gardening means I don’t often sit down for a lazy day. Couldn’t be better.