Finally, here comes summer

After months of dreary weather the sun arrived this week and eased us all into the long warm days we love here in France.

Two daughters, their husbands and the grandsons arrived to stay for a week to welcoming sunny days. My goodness what a change for Gachet, laughter, squeals, occasional tearful cries but above all the exploding presence of children. Between toys and the biggest amount of “special equipment” including high chairs, feeding utensils and changing mats the house and garden have been taken over. Thank goodness we have plenty of space to absorb the clutter. Our two cats disappeared, Molly to return when she knew these small dynamos were out of the way, Grey who is so timid anyway had to be fed on our bedroom balcony, was invisible the rest of the time. The dogs coped much better, Merry obviously thought the toys were for her and routinely pinched the smaller noisier toys only to find that the boys pinched her toys too, she ran rings around them in the enthusiasm only a puppy has. Echo on the other hand wandered warily around keeping out of the way where possible but quite happy to be pushed around and stroked when captured, she was of course always strangely on hand at meal times to help clear up!

It’s been a hectic week with the days starting at 06.30 or earlier but everybody crashing wearily by 22.00 at the latest. Visits out to La Rochelle and the aquarium, the local extended summer market, Niort for a little sales shopping and a walk to the little fishing lake with its rustic play area, have occupied our time when we needed a distraction or change from pool time. The days fly past.

Children bring so much joy, it’s very quiet now they’ve all gone home.