French life with Covid19

I’m embarrassed to find that I haven’t posted in almost 12 months, I’ve no idea why except that priorities change.
Life here in France has changed dramatically since the arrival of a flu virus! In February this year I was on holiday in India enjoying a tour of stunning sights and sounds, smells and colours. The golden triangle, it was truly fabulous.

I came back to France wearing a mask through all the airports mainly because I had bought one for the dreadful air quality and smog in India. Within a few weeks of being at home, on March 16th lockdown commenced!

What can I say, I am a hoarder so for the first few weeks I had enough flour, tinned goods and veg in the freezer to last easily with only having to shop for anything fresh. We are allowed out locally for food shopping, Drs visits etc with a paper form stating name, address, date and time and reason for going out, these have to be completed technically even for dog walking (within 1K) and cannot be reused. the fine for noncompliance is 135€. It requires a good memory as its so easy normally to just get in the car and go, now we collect up face mask, forms, latex gloves as well as the usual phone and purse and dreaded almost always forgotten, shopping list. The bonuses to all this is time for gardening and planting up veg for the summer, DIY projects, reading and social media. I’ve done lots of all of these. The lockdown is to be eased slightly from Monday 11th May, (no forms for outings less than 100K), getting together with friends and family ( no more than 10 people). Its a start.