Another Year, still Covid reigns.

A blaze of colour

Finally the restrictions here in France are starting to lift, the rate of vaccination is increasing and we are generally feeling more confident. The annual fête de musique took place in a subdued form but at least it took place and across France musicians once again are playing to live audiences.

I went to the local bar with friends to watch a couple playing a guitar and singing out of doors while we ate the local jambon et haricots and drank wine. It’s still a bit weird seeing other people enjoying themselves and catching up with each other after such a long time of confinement and curfews.

We have started visiting local gardens again and yesterday saw a wonderful example of what people can do with imagination and a great deal of hard work. It was inspiring and I’ve been browsing garden designs and sculptures ever since.

I’m still waiting to visit family in the UK but not happy to be forced to undergo expensive pre booked tests or quarantine so the wait goes on.