Christchurch NZ

Our first full day in NZ, warm and sunny, wow, what a place. Christchurch is in a basin with coast on one side and amazing hills around most of the rest. It is green, full of trees, mostly unrecognisable to me, lots of sheep, black cattle and horses in fields with low line fencing. The roads are pretty quiet except in town and they drive on the left which was quite reassuring.

We went into Christchurch to survey the damage left by the earthquake, what isn’t flattened and already become temporary car parks, soon will be. There are very few original shops, its mostly temporary shops are made from containers (shipping) and painted up to look cheerful and more appealing. In fact they are not bad at all, it just looks very modern and fun.

We went round the gardens of a famous local architect which were stunning and overlooking a bay, the sky and the sea were both a glorious blue and the gardens springlike and colourful, much of the design being based on Hidcote in Gloucestershire. Photos to follow.

11pm and totally shattered I am going to bed.

1 thought on “Christchurch NZ

  1. Wow Janet! It all sounds very exciting and exotic. Is this a second honeymoon type of trip? If so I hope John is behaving himself as we don’t want further back trouble!

    I loved the photos and can we request some with you and John in the frame too please?

    All is well here in France. Sunny but chilly and the house at the bottom of my lane is now up for sale. The way it is all going you, John and I will be the only Brits left in the area.

    Enjoy the remainder of your travels and have a safe return. Look forward to seeing you at Christmas when you can tell us all about it.

    Love Bob the Hermit

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