San Francisco

Well it’s been the longest bit of time travel ever! We left Auckland at 14.15 pm thursday and arrived in Fiji at 17.15 we then had to wait for a connecting flight till 22.50. Fiji airport is small, you are not allowed to go outside, there are no smoking areas, and all who know us know that John would find this difficult!

Our flight to San Francisco was delayed by an hour and a half and eventually we arrived first in Los Angeles at 14.30 on Thursday (yes still Thursday!) to probably the most chaotic airport I have ever been in. The queues were horrendous through passport control and thank goodness we had opted for special assistance which meant we were short circuited through many of the queues, me in a wheelchair.

We had great concerns for our connecting flight as we were late and delayed by US customs but we made it and arrived in San Francisco at 19.15 still on Thursday! Wow what a relief it was calm and well organised and we easily took a taxi to our hotel in the city centre.

We were exhausted as you can imagine, but found an excellent restaurant next door to the hotel where John had roast turkey (Christmas must be coming) good food and find wine, and we soon collapsed in bed. Time travel is very tiring even when going backwards courtesy of the international date line.

This city has a great buzz, will fill you in tomorrow!


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  1. Salut,joli voyage!!! Merci pour votre belle carte postale. Ici tout va bien:froid,pluie,nuage,froid,pluie,nuage,froid,pl……………………………………………….! Les poules vous passes le bonjour. Bisous et bon retour.

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