Mud glorious mud

France is having the same problems as the UK this year, rain rain and more rain. The areas around gateways which we and the animals all have to go through are now a sloppy, slithery porridge. Even the hens are beginning to look fed up. They stay in their houses, which then need more cleaning out than usual.

Feeding the horses their hay becomes much more of a chore when its raining. We have 400kg round bales and despite a huge tarpaulin over the top, the damp has got in and the outside wet and mouldy layers need to be removed before we can get to the good hay underneath. Its hard work, I wear a face mask to avoid breathing in the mould spores and any dust as I clear away the rubbish, it works, but makes me very hot and bothered. The daft thing is that I then have to damp down the good hay in haynets to prevent any dust affecting the horses. The final result? Happy well fed horses, tired muscle sore me.

I’m not really complaining, I enjoy being busy it just feels a bit relentless in this weather.


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