We started the final phase of our renovations last week, completing the work on our utility room and the last and largest section of our old roof.

We have used a french building firm for the roof, and having used them before knew what to expect, they stripped all the old terracotte tiles off on the monday, so of course it poured with rain on monday night and water ran down the inside wall of the downstairs loo. Once we finished mopping up with every old towel in the house it stopped raining. The work after that was uneventful in dry and very warm weather, though the Manitou made large scars in the lawn. Still no other damage occured and the roof looks amazing and as a bonus will hopefully keep us dry!

The utility room needed electrics and we used a french registered english electrician for this. He did a great job and in 2 days finished this and put a new satellite dish on the roof for french and english TV, did outside wiring for the pool pump and outside lights on the terrace, job well done. We finished the rest of the work on the utility ourselves, painting walls, fixing worktops, cupboards and shelving. Now we are ready for the arrival of family and friends.

To think I was under the impression that retiring meant relaxation by the pool in the sunshine, maybe that happens later.

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