A long gap this time as I have been slowly recovering from an almost disastrous fall from my horse.

On a bright sunny sunday morning I went for a ride in the local countryside on my 20 year old gelding. He was in need of some exercise and unfortunately a bit lively, following a big spook at an upturned leaf I lost my balance and went over his head landing hard on my back on a quiet stoney track.

I knew straight away I could not get up, had possibly broken something and had no choice but to let Bruno (the horse) go and get help and wait for someone to find me. Fortunately sunny Sunday mornings are busy here for cyclists, walkers and quad bikes so the horse was seen fairly quickly and a local farmer started looking for the rider. Then the quad bikes turned up and as luck would have it one of them was a paramedic on his day off so he knew what to do and the called the ambulance. I was probably only lying on the ground on my own for an hour or so. My rescuers were truly kind, phoning home for me and keeping me calm and still whilst we waited for help.

Following X-ray and CT scan I was found to have 2 fractured ribs, and 2 fractured vertebrae. I have had surgery and 2, 19cm titanium rods screwed into my spine to support it as it heals. It’s going to be a long road to recovery.

I am now back at home trying to push my strength each day, walking a little further and sitting a little longer, though the latter has proved the most difficult as I also now have a horribly stiff neck.

Bruno you will be glad to hear found his own way home unscathed other than broken reins.

More progress to follow.

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