December Blues

Most of the time, life goes on as normal, then all of a sudden things change in a moment. The difficult changes are usually a loss of something, good health, money or even of people or animals. For us it’s been a loss of good health and the culprit is cancer. That cancer word is always scary, when your doctor is French it is more complicated, despite having a reasonable grasp of the French language,  medical language is another mountain to climb. Thankfully the French health system is excellent, tests, scans, medication, doctors appointments all race past but then the waiting starts and every day feels like a week.

For me, thank goodness for the normality of routine chores, there’s nothing quite like cleaning out the poultry houses and checking the hens for parasites to keep your feet on the ground. The dogs need walking, the horse needs riding, though thankfully with him being in livery at least I don’t have to muck him out too. The household chores of fetching logs in for the burners each day and cleaning the floor in the kitchen every morning because the dogs or cats are moulting to say nothing of Mollys little dead mouse gifts are perhaps not a joy but at least a distraction.

So life goes on and our animals as always make us laugh, especially Merry who lives her little life at full speed, chasing the cats who don’t seem to mind even when she catches them, bullying poor Echo who is too kind to keep her in order and teasing us.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I’m not sure we are up to celebrating it, though……..looking at the little face below maybe we can.

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