Spring songs

The best thing at this time of year is the birdsong, the first to bring to me to consciousness as daylight approaches is next door’s cockerel, he is a young bird full of life and energy a Maran, a traditional French breed. Once he wakes me I hear all the others, blackbirds, robins, tits, woodpecker, the newly arrived cuckoo and many more. Strangely the only one obviously missing is the sparrow who has never lived in our garden, I’ve no idea why.

The hard work in the garden has also started as the grass grows visibly, the mowers seem to dislike giving up their long winter rest as first one refuses to work and then when it’s in the repair shop the other first refuses to move forward and then when persuaded to do so breaks its belt in a fit of fury. No matter, Masport is back home cleaned up, sharpened and ready to roll, the lawn will have its elegant stripes again. The daffodils are finished and there is a momentary pause in the flowering cycle, warm days and cold nights are delaying a few old favourites though the wisteria is almost ready to show off her stunning blooms.

I just realised I’m missing music, I hadn’t played any music at home for a long time, instead when eating or sitting quietly I watch the TV, a bad habit. So last night whilst cooking I played some songs and danced and sang around the kitchen, thank goodness no one was watching but it’s a great way to lift your spirits. Spring is such a wonderful season for renewing life.

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