Harvest time

It’s a glorious summer here in France, the temperatures are between 26° and 35° currently which on the hottest days actually means I get more jobs done indoors than out.

I have a lovely view across fields and woodland from this house so watch all the farming activities around me, maize fields surround the garden and the maize is now more than 2.5 metres high. The hay and straw are finally all baled and collected into nearby barns though my local farmer tells me that the yield is low this year because of the prolonged rainfall earlier and the delay of the summer sunshine. My little vegetable plot is thriving, with courgettes, salad leaves, tomatoes, French beans, mangetout, aubergines and potatoes. I’m having to freeze some produce but my menu is now full of fresh veg! Healthy eating at its best!

At the end of this month I will have been in this house for a year. What a year it has been, the sudden deterioration of my lovely dad and his sad death requiring many visits to the UK and the end of my many house improvement projects. I had much bureaucracy to wade through, especially ensuring that my mother is safe and happy on her own living independently at 94. It was all a frustrating minefield dealing with various authorities including banks which I’m sure will continue. On the bright side I now have a new kitchen, bathroom and a tiled terrace all looking fantastic.

Here are some summer photos, the tulip tree and roses on the garage walls.

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