Rural fair

A country fair in France is like going back in time, every year on August 15th, a bank holiday, in almost 30 degrees of glorious sunshine, there’s a fête du cheval in a local commune. Hundreds of people from the area flock to watch the programme of events, buy local produce and enjoy the atmosphere.

It’s an all day affair with a bit of a Horse sale in the morning followed by a vast communal lunch, moules frites this year which were surprising good considering the numbers catered for. The afternoon starts with donkey and pony races and donkey and cart races, there is a display of riding though rather more circus like than conventional. Camels, or rather dromedary giving small children rides and there were even wild boar performing!

There are local craft stalls with wood and leather sabots for sale which have probably been made here for hundreds of years, pottery, lace making, intricate agricultural machinery in miniature and the usual local honey, cheeses and saucisson all made at nearby farms. The traditions are so important here, they display an ancient machine that cuts trees into planks which looks very much like an accident waiting to happen but the audience loves it all.

A country day out with all its eccentricities!

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