We have arrived!

Thanks to British airways staff we had an un complicated and on time trip here, arriving at around 5pm local time. The BA groundstaff blocked several seats around us to give space for stretching out to sleep, they were fantastically helpful and kind.

The drive in from the airport is staggeringly beautiful, green and lush with umbrella shaped trees with ferns growing out of the trunk and branches, the road is lined on either side with mauve and purple hedges of Bougainvillea. The first impression is that of stunning colours and absolute cleanliness and heat, 30 degrees plus.

We checked into the hotel and after much needed showers, went exploring to find some food. I was expecting Singapore to be cheap, but it isn’t. It is significantly more expensive than Europe as far as food, wine and clothes go, so it doesn’t look like I will be blitzing the cards here!

We ate Chinese (nothing like what you get in the UK or France) and went back to the hotel for a drink and watched sheet rain crashing on the terraces, with the temperature remaining unchanged, no wonder its all so lush.

Most embarrassing moment was this morning (sat) being woken by the phone at 9am. Our travel rep was making sure we were checked in OK, we had slept since around 10pm the night before! We must be on holiday!!

Off for more exploring, photos to follow when I can download to a computer.

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