Singapore 2

This is an amazing place, we went to Raffles and I had the famous Singapore sling in the pretty courtyard of the hotel. The bar has a number of small dark blue/grey pigeons flying about, but the minute we had some nuts with our drinks, all hell let loose as they try and knock your nibbles bowl off the bar in order to steal the contents. Once you show you won’t let them grab anything they disappear to another likely customer. The drink was lovely and the hotel has an air of wealth and calm (apart from the pigeons) about it.

A tourist boat trip today on the river from Clarke’s quay down to the main marina which tells you about all the buildings, bridges and sights that you can see from the water, its an amazing mix of rejuvenated old buildings and dramatic modern skyline. Pictures to follow.

Supper in the one of the seafood restaurants, in a road full of the same, alongside the river. A bit of a tourist rip off with regard to price but excellent food. Sat and watched boats pass by and laser light shows from one of the tallest buildings.

Sunday – Botanical gardens. These are truly stunning, the heat and humidity make our camera lenses steam up when we start to take photos, there is just too much to take in. I’m getting hotter and pinker by the minute, thank goodness for comfy shoes!

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  1. Go to the main square full of foodstalls at night- you pass a stall choose what you want to eat from each- sit down and all the different stalls bring it to you. Old chinatown do good food too (not much left of old china town though….). Murtabac is great, very thin dough spread out, filling and folded up, great! Have a great time, enjoy enjoy and enjoy some more X

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