Summertime 2013

We have just had a glorious week of hot sunny weather, with another one in prospect. Temperatures have ranged from 26 to 32 degrees but they have been made bearable by a north easterly breeze most days.

The usual Gachet chaos continues with a number of unexpected events, we managed to make hay on a hectare or so of our fields thanks to a local farmer and now have ten, 400kg bales of lovely hay on which to feed the horses this winter. The hardest part will be moving the bales with our little tractor, it has already had to work very hard this week pulling our ancient 4 wheel rake to turn the hay ready for the baler.

Needless to say the pool heat pump failed a month out of guarantee and just as we wanted to swim, still with the lovely hot weather it has heated up to a comfortable 28 degrees on its own, we are just waiting now for the pool man to install the part.

Bella our much loved Labrador had to have a mastectomy for a rapidly growing lump and just as she was about to have the stitches out, developed a uterine infection and had to have a hysterectomy, bless her she has been amazingly patient and stoical. She still wags her tail enthusiastically at the vets and is keen to rush into the surgery and jump up onto the examination table despite all this.

Our garden produce is now in abundance, so a lot of time is spent picking, podding, cleaning and freezing all to add to our diet in the winter.


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