I think it is finally the end of the summer because despite the warmth today at almost 20 degrees in the sunshine and out of the showers, it is now colder in the house than outside. We are beginning to pack up the furniture around the pool and will be stripping the tonelle, though as you can see the pool itself is still crystal clear. It is time to put this to bed too, no more swimming until next May!

We ordered a mobile field shelter today which is coming from the UK as it is cheaper and the manufacturers more flexible about size. This should give the horses shelter on those wet days when they usually stand by the gate looking miserable and waiting to come indoors.

We sadly lost Daisy our 13 year old Jack Russell in early August after a couple of years of chest infections and eventually lung damage, and still miss her. She is buried in the field she loved to dig in, it made the whole household sad, the other dogs have picked up again now but for a while were lost without her.

Life continues with its ups and downs in France but we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


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